Nazareth Housing Holiday Party

I volunteered my photographic services last weekend for a holiday party for Nazareth Housing. Nazareth Housing is a pioneer in the developmentof cluster site transitional housing for homeless families. It has been rated in the top 10 family shelter providers for NYC since 2006...

Each year Nazareth Housing staff hosts a holiday party as a means of continuing their connection with formerly homeless families. The event draws hundreds of participants allowing former shelter residents to renew acquaintances and strengthen their bonds with their ongoing supportive services.
Location: Immaculate Conception Church, E 14th, NYC


Anonymous said...

Beautiful faces, great cause, very nice photos.

SquirrelQueen said...

Great shots. It must have been a wonderful party, everyone is wearing a big smile. This sounds like a great program.
The Road to Here

pilgrimchick said...

Great pictures--it's amazing how, more and more, organizations like this one have become necessary for so many families.

Lisa said...

I am partial to B & W's especially with portrait shots...these are simply exquisite B & W's..you are a magnificent photographer AND editor it is nice to see someone be good at both..thank you so much for sharing your brilliance in other words...your JOY!!!!

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