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one way only squared

Snow-bound...we have are having a huge winter storm in the east, kids are home and we expect to get 10 inches of snow! Looking forward to photographing some snow later this afternoon.

These shot(s) are from last week, Newark again, I love the angles and shapes I grab from the signs against the buildings. I started a series of these. calling them "go"most of them are taken at stop lights. fun on my commute, cant beat it :)


Laurie said...

Well the weathermen seemed to have missed the mark for our area. We only got about 5 inches when they told us to expect at leas 8 and as much as 14. Although points just South did get slammed pretty hard.
Excellent shots.

Niko Lebel said...

really nice photos taken in a black and white mode?
they are impressive

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