Kitchen Makeover/Home Goods

home goods
Haven't posted in a few days. Been knee deep in paint -- so to speak. Not finished yet, but we painted the kitchen and decide to go yellow to brighten things up a bit. The paint name is called "caribbean sunset" perfect for February! Nice change from the old blue. On one of trips to Lowe's I did get a chance to go into Home Goods and got a shot of some really cool glasses. I loved the colors and they grabbed my eye right away. Well Sunday's done...sigh, Monday manana :) I know it will be a good one.


WABIKOJA said...

Very nicely done. Great composition, framing and detail.

Athena said...

You know, I like that blue, but the yellow is nice and sunny!

By the way, I've given you the Lemonade Award over at my blog.

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